Family Medical Center Office Hours

Just a reminder- Family Medical Center is closed from 12 noon- 1:30 pm. If you call during that time, you may get a message that the office is closed. (We are trying to get the new phone system to give a clearer message). Please leave a message or call back during office hours. 

If you have a medical emergency during lunch or after hours, you may leave a message for the adult medicine doctor or the pediatric doctor to call you back. This is only for an urgent situation where you need to talk to the doctor immediately. If you need an appointment scheduled or a medication refill, please call the office during office hours, NOT the doctor! 

Our new phone system does give you the option to leave a message for our nursing staff or front desk staff as needed. Messages are answered within 1-2 business days. The fastest way to obtain medication refills is by contacting your pharmacy. They will send a refill request electronically and no one will need to be on hold!!

Thank you so much for your patience while we make adjustments to our telephone system!! We love our patients!!!