Family Medical Center Cosmetic Services

Family Medical Center is happy to offer new Cosmetic Services. Our new Nurse Practitioner, Galina Warren, has extensive experience in Cosmetic Dermatology. These are offered at fee-for-service pricing and are not covered by insurance. If you are looking for a younger look, smoother skin, or removal of annoying lesions, please call for an appointment.

Family Medical Center Cosmetic Services Pricing

  • Microdermabrasion- $75/treatment or $300 for 5 treatments
  • Chemical Peel- $85/treatment
  • Emergency Pimple Treatment- $25 for the 1st pimple + $5 each additional pimple
  • Cosmetic Liquid Nitrogen for seborrheic keratosis- $150 for up to 15 lesions
  • Skin Tag Removal- $150 up to 20 lesions
  • Heat Needle Treatments for seborrheic hyperplasia- $100 for up to 10 lesions + $5 each additional lesion
  • Botox Cosmetic- $11/unit. The total cost varies according to number of units required (generally $200-$550)